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Organisation Development


Time and again organisations have had to face situations where a positive change gets stalled in implementation due to lack of the right resources. Individual resources that would function as subject matter experts as well as people champions, collectively yielding impactful business results.


Forbes Marshall in association with Labyrinth Coaching & Consulting (UK) brings you the Organisation Design and Development Course

An opportunity to learn the art of dealing with change, while embracing a holistic perspective towards organisational growth.

Be an ‘Agent Of Change’

Describe the features and benefits of various models of change and organisation design.

Decide whether the organisation issue merits organisation design or redesign.

Make informed structural decisions in relation to the organisation or business issue

Assess the organisation’s readiness for change

This program will help you

Consider the risks and engage stakeholders in the design project

Review the project as it proceeds and make sensible decisions

Use techniques and tools to generate stakeholder buy-in to the new design

Identify the organisation capability needed to sustain flexibility and adaptability


3 months spread over
5 classroom sessions
OD projects will be sponsored by Forbes Marshall
27th to 31st January 2020

Who should attend this programme

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum work experience required in HR - 08 years.

Meet The Facilitators

Key Projects

Invited as a Strategic

Partner / Associate

Client Outreach

Sylvia Baumgartner, Director, Labyrinth Coaching & Consulting

An industry veteran, Sylvia comes with an extensive knowledge and 25 years of experience in the field of commercial, management, Organisational Development (OD) and Human Resources with international work across industries around the world.


Successfully managing her own OD consultancy for the last 10 years, Sylvia holds a Master of Science in People and Organisational Development, a Certificate in Ontological and Somatic Coaching, a Diploma in Consultation and Group Facilitation (Tavistock Institute), a Diploma in Management and Leadership Principles and Practices and a Certificate in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. She is also an accredited project manager with the Association of Project Management, U.K.

In case of any queries or for more details, write to us at ilearn@forbesmarshall.com