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In an ever-evolving and dynamic domain such as the world of Human Resources, the only constant is reimagination at every juncture. From the availability of huge amounts of data, to the introduction of AI tools and techniques for better decision-making; from the understanding of HR through a neuroscientific lens, to the emphasis on organisation development – the field of HR is one where continuous learning is an absolute must.

For HR professionals today, experience and exposure count for a large part of their knowledge and skill development. However, with science and technology becoming an integral part of HR operations, there is an increasing need for special focus on continuous learning and development. This learning must not only drive better understanding of new tools and techniques, but should also be a way to augment technology with a reaffirmation of the concept of Humane Relations – an attempt to always align technical learning with empathy, positivity and the ability to build and sustain relationships.


In keeping with this vision and as part of Reimagining HR, we bring to you two intensive learning programmes that accelerate your career and deepen your understanding. Pave the way to a technologically sound, humanely empathetic future – take your pick of our certificate courses.

Organisation Development and Design

As an HR professional it’s important to understand the relationship between Strategic HRM, HR Business Partners and OD practitioners, while having the ability to influence stakeholders, both internal and external. This course empowers you to be the change.

HR 7.83

A program designed to accelerate your journey to becoming a CHRO. From applying technological advancements for better processes, to developing and nurturing a strong strategic approach

– HR 7.83 has it all.

Know the best HR best practices across industries and prepare to become a Leader of the Future.